Women want out

The Bill and Melinda Gates divorce — just another in the flood of divorce initiated by women.

They say that up to 90% of divorce is initiated by women. I don’t think there is actually any study that backs that up, but it is just one of those things that seems true. Think about all of the divorces you have personally heard of. Of those, which ones were initiated by the women? For me, that would be close to 100% women initiated divorce. In most of those stories, the man doesn’t want to get divorced and feels blind-sighted but the…

Yeah, but you can't tell "kindness" from across the room. What really matters is being able to attract the attention of someone in order break the ice so that two people can meet. It is the "tallness" or "hotness" of the guy that will allow the initial interaction. If that doesn't happen, then nothing happens and "kindness" is not a consideration.

The basic problem is that these types of lists typically consist of what women look for in a long term relationship. This is fine, but it won't get your foot in the door because none of these things are…

It's simple. People get married because they are happy and they get divorced because they are "unhappy". Simple as that. Both the happy and unhappy state are "states of mind". While we might like to deny it, it is one of the few things that we fully control. So, if we are in the unhappy state, that is something that you actually "control". What this article shows is how all our "expectations" are what is leading us to the unhappy state and perhaps if we could just change our expectations, then we could get back to the "happy" state.

Tickets don’t have “face value” anymore.

If you have tried to attend a popular concert, you may find that they are now using variable pricing. This means that there is no official face value for a ticket and the price of the ticket is whatever Ticketmaster thinks the market will bear. This allows Ticketmaster and the artist to now get the money that might have gone to a scalper.

Awhile ago, I participated in the presale for Taylor Swift and when I got my chance to buy tickets I was not offered any decent seats, only seats in the nosebleed…

Ask them a question about something that you want to tell them.

If you’re with a ‘new’ girl or guy that you are trying to keep a conversation going with, it can be difficult because they don’t know much about you and so they really can’t ask you about things that you can talk about.

The way around this is to figure out what are the things that are interesting about you that you want to tell them about. This may be your hobbies, your job, your car, whatever is cool about you. Keep these in mind.

When the conversation…

The most important thing a programmer needs to learn about is how not to make their lives a living nightmare.

This is bad:
Working extremely long hours on projects that fail because you’re always behind because you are always fixing bugs trying to meet impossible deadlines.

This is good:
Working 9 to 5 on successful projects where you hardly ever have to fix bugs where your customers are happy with the timely delivery of features.

Now some would say, you don’t have much say in the matter or that there is some kind of magical programming practice you can adopt…

Is there any difference between them?

If you are trying to go to a popular concert, you may find that the concert is sold out or doesn’t have the seats that you want from the almighty Ticketmaster. When this happens, you may want to purchase a ticket from another person who has listed their ticket for sale on a third party web site. When I went looking for tickets for Elton John on the day of the concert, I found that the following sites all appear to have the same inventory as StubHub. You can tell because if you watch…

So ladies, what’s the deal?

I’ve got the feeling that women are completely done with men. When I’m out in public, what I see ALL the time — like no exceptions ever — is the scowling wallflower. You know, they never look up, avoid eye contact at all costs and never interact with strangers. I really have to doubt if women have any interest in men at all from what I normally see. I don’t think it’s just me, I see zero to negative effort from women in public in all sorts of situations which is generally screaming “stay away”…

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Writing about relationships or the lack thereof.

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